Traffic Video Clips - October 2007

We have decided to add some "real" clips of the traffic in Wilburton and Haddenham just before and during the inquiry. We aren't making special trips when we know it's bad - unfortunately we don't need to here. But we are trying to show what the day to day traffic is like.

First off we went out of Tuesday 02nd October - a week before the inquiry starts. Due to an incident on the A10 (we believe a broken down lorry at Waterbeach lights), traffic was a little heavier than normal coming from the A10 and turning down Twenty Pence Road. The knock on effects of this are obvious from our clips - traffic was queuing back into Haddenham.

Alas, if Mereham were to go ahead - despite the hype given to their transport proposal, this will become a day to day occurance. Not good for the existing local communities, not good for local economy, and certainly not good for the people stuck in the traffic. At 7:30am that day there was slow moving traffic from Waterbeach, up past the Stretham roundabout, and onto Little Thetford. We only wish someone had been able to video all that!

We have also been out in the evenings - clips from the 04th October are linked to below - along Twenty Pence. On both the 04th and 05th October the traffic was queued from the junction at the A1123 down past the garden centre, and down the hill past the 40mph sign (not that people do 30mph though the village anyway). Unfortunately this is fairly normal, and will only get worse if Mereham goes ahead.

Once the first week of the inquiry is finished, we'll be out again looking at the traffic. We've also been progressing some traffic counts to find when the "real" peak hour is. It certainly isn't 8am-9am as the transport documents say. Unless our understanding of peak being "most traffic" is incorrect...

Video Clips from 02nd October 2007

Video Clips from 04th October 2007