Family Life and Mereham

Are you a parent/carer to young children in one of the villages or towns around the proposal Mereham development? Do you have views about how it will affect your future family life? The development process will take more than 20 years - so will span the whole life of young children growing up in the area. They will grow up with building work, construction lorries, and ever increasing levels of traffic.

We are looking for your views on the subject - so if you are part of a family (particularly those with babies and toddlers in villages where the traffic will increase - and where pavements aren't wide enough to get away from the construction lorries!) then please take a few minutes to download the questionnaire below, fill it in and return it to us as soon as possible so that a representation can be made at the public inquiry. If you know others families in the area, please encourage them to fill in the form as well. We don't mind if your views are for or against the development - we are just doing our bit to consult with the local community!

Download Family Questionnaire (Word format)

(This article is in response to a Wilburton resident - Steve Griffiths - who is a stay-at-home father to Rachel, 20 months. Rachel attends the Wilburton Baptist Baby and Toddler Group on Thursdays (with Steve), and Little Ted's Day Nursery in Haddenham. Steve is also the treasurer of the toddler group.)