Fact and Fiction

Back in 2002, the developers were called Stannifer (it's still the same people), the development was called Wilburton, and they had a website which had a "Fact and Fiction" section. We've got hold of some of the information from that site - thanks to Google - and thought we'd looked at what the developer classed as "fact" and "fiction", and see how it holds out against their current proposals. Click on the Fiction link to see more details of each item.

FICTION: Wilburton is too far away from Cambridge.
FICTION: Wilburtons lack of a railway station makes it a bad choice.
FICTION: A new settlement at Wilburton would only add to congestion on the A10.
FICTION: The landscape around Wilburton is unsuitable for new housing.

The developers view of what is fact and what is fiction is a little limited, they only appear to propose 4 fictions, and their "facts" do not appear to be based on real, local experience. Perhaps they should have tried consulting the local population like they make claims to have done?