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Sat 7th Nov 2020 - Cancelled

Wilburton Fireworks Display - Prices and Tickets

Entrance Prices 2020

Please note that the 2020 event has been cancelled.

The following price information relates to 2019.

After many years of not increasing our prices, we have finally had to make a small increase in the gate charge. Prices will be £6.00 for an adult, £3.00 for a child - with under 5s free. This is our first price increase since 2007! Please note that this is a cash only event, and if you could have the correct change available that would help.

You can also buy tickets in advance - which means avoiding queues on the night by using the separate entrance and they also offer a saving for families as kids are a quid on advance purchase tickets.

Purchase tickets in advance from the Wilburton Post Office.

Pricing for 2019 will be:
On the gate:
Adults: £6.00 Children: £3.00 Under 5: Free

In Advance:
Adults: £5.00 Children (with adult): £1.50
Children (without adult): £3.00
Under 5: Free
Advance tickets offer a saving over the gate prices and will be available from Wilburton Post Office a couple of weeks before the event and also via the school for those at Wilburton Primary School.

Please note that there will be NO advance ticket sales on day of the event.

We recommend that you arrive early to avoid the queues. Free car parking is available, but where possible please try to walk to the event! Note that the gate for the car park will be locked at 10pm.

For those of you who think you will watch from the road rather than support the event - please don't! We give up our time throughout the year to organise and put on this display to raise money for local organisations and charities, some of which rely on funds raised in this way. If you don't want to pay to support the event, then don't turn up.

Please note that sparklers are not allowed at the event.