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Sat 7th Nov 2020 - Cancelled

Wilburton Fireworks Display - Money Raised

Where Does the Money Go?

The '77 Committee (the fireworks committee) was set up to put on a firework display in Wilburton, and also to raise money for local good causes and organisations. Over the years we have raised more than £50,000 which has been donated to local charities, organisations and projects that benefit the residents of Wilburton and nearby villages. The event is organised and run by volunteers, who give up their time free of charge so we can maximize the money raised, and of course put on a spectacular fireworks display.

Donations go to many local organisations and charities, including:

Haddenham Scouts
Stretham Scouts
SASU (formally Scout Fellowship)
Wilburton School Association
Wilburton Archive Group
Wilburton Theatre Group
Wilburton Football Academy
Wilburton Guides
Wilburton Baptist Church
Wilburton Baby and Toddler Group
Wilburton Brownies
Humpties Pre-school
Wilburton Youth Group
and many more!